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From our company’s first years in business we began to see a pattern emerging of a multitude of British timeshare owners who were at best dissatisfied with their ownership and at worst felt they had been grossly mis-sold at the time of purchase.
The main complaints we received were as follows:
Maintenance fees increasing at a rate higher than current inflation.
Exchange system either not working or providing the same unwanted options over and over again.
Being mis-sold at the initial point of sale to be made to believe that the timeshare was an investement
The ownership becoming a burden rather than a luxury and having no adequate system to relieve themselves of the financial burden if they so wished.
The worry of the ownership and the financial obligations of the ownership being passed to their next generation.

Sound familiar? You may or may not be surprised to find out that the vast majority of timeshare owners have experienced exactly the same problems.
Which leads us to the present day.
The unfortunate truth in 2012 is that the timeshare industry has ground to halt - this is bad news for owners whilst not being altogether unexpected. What was unexpected was the global economic problems that have afflicted all of us over the last five years. The recession has exacerbated an already volatile situation to the point where now both rentals and resale of timeshare have been rendered almost totally obsolete.    

Time for a change?

We realised that a change of strategy was needed... No longer could we labour under the assumption that things would get better and even if our instincts were not to be trusted then the feedback from the tens of thousands of our owners echoing them certainly was.

For the last 12 months we have been attending meetings across Europe and beyond looking for a way to unlock the chains of timeshare ownership for our members and finally we believe we have found a solution.

Before we let you in on our solution we'd like you to take small test below to see how badly your timeshare could affect you looking into the future.

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The figure in red above is the minimum figure you or you children can expect to pay out for your timeshare before you are truly free of it. Take a long look at it again! This truly is a minimum figure as a lot of timeshares will continue to be liable for maintenance payments even after the owner has passed away. Take the example of a lady from High Wycombe who’s story can be read here. As you can see the unfortunate truth is that it is not just yourself that may be liable to pay the maintenance on a timeshare but potentially your next of kin as well...

The Answer

Our service involves no upfront fees.

If this is something you think may be of benefit to you or you would simply like to see if you are eligible please fill in the contact form below:

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